NY- The Art Of The Bath

Education is the key so... lets meet in Valhalla, New York on AUGUST 6th

We would like to talk about bathing, prep-work, corrent bath techniques and lots of more. We will showcase bathing and preparation on 2 diffrent coat types models, will teach you the best methods of bathing and achieving the best results possible. Wants to elevate your grooming game, join us and see how easy it can be.

Main subjects to be covered:

- choosing correct products due to the purpose of grooming

- problem solving grooming (client preference, satisfaction, long lasting effect)

- type of the baths and dilution

- dilution and its benefits (shorter bath time, cut off electricity and water bills)

- mix &match – create your own winning factor

- how to elevate the preparation of the coat

- marketing aspects of using Botaniqa (new routine baths, regeneration process)


Everyone attending in person will get a goody bag and personalized product recommendation.

Cost of partycipation:

- in person: $299

-on-line: $99

If you are interested in participation please send us email to: aga@botaniqa-usa.com or gives us a call: +1 561 802 1667.





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