Botaniqa Team

Meet our team who in 2012 introduced BOTANIQA brand to European customers. Their passion and huge interest in dogs world made it possible to bring the products to 21 countries all over the world and now also to United States of America. We believe that #passioniseverything!

Agnieszka Pluta - CEO and Co-founder of Botaniqa brand. Born in Poland, passionate in grooming, specialization drop-coat. Loves shih tzu and poodles. Dogs was present in her life from early childhood. Currently owner and breeder of shih tzu.
In 2012 together with Tomasz Pałka successfully launched first line of Botaniqa products. Till now the brand has 3 full lines of products and constantly growing.

Tomasz Pałka - Co-founder of Botaniqa brand. Passionate in cosmetics and formulation, always looking for innovation in new formulations. Linked with dogs from childhood, working to provide best products for furry friends.

All what we do comes out of passion for dogs and their well being. That is why we look for people who thinks alike and #passioniseverything is also their philosophy.