Groomers Team

Team Cooperation for Pet Professionals: Groomers and Breeders

At Botaniqa, we believe in empowering pet professionals to make a significant impact in the grooming and breeding industry. Our team cooperation program offers three levels of engagement for groomers and breeders who are passionate about our products and want to drive positive change.

1. Groomer Affiliate

For those who love our products but prefer a flexible commitment, the Groomer Affiliate level is perfect. As a Groomer Affiliate, you can:

  • Promote our high-quality shampoos and grooming products to your clients and fellow groomers.
  • Enjoy the benefits of sharing great products without full-time commitment.
  • Earn rewards for referrals and spreading the word about our brand.

Apply by following the link:

2. Brand Ambassador

If you are a dedicated user of our products and want to take a more active role, becoming a Brand Ambassador is the ideal choice. As a Brand Ambassador, you will:

  • Be an integral part of our team, enjoying exclusive discounts and access to the latest product knowledge.
  • Promote our brand by creating engaging social media content and sharing your positive experiences.
  • Help us expand our reach and influence within the grooming community.

Keep track on our SM posts to track an opening. Tag us in your post so we can see you <3 #botaniqa @botaniqa

3. Groomer Educator

The highest level of our team cooperation program is the Groomer Educator. This prestigious role is for those who are deeply connected to our brand and its mission. As a Groomer Educator, you will:

  • Work closely with our brand and the brand owner to create educational content.
  • Teach others how to choose the right products, correct bathing techniques, and effective prep work.
  • Lead by example, helping to shape the future of grooming education and standards in the industry.

Join us in our mission to elevate the grooming and breeding industry with top-notch products and professional expertise. Whether you are an enthusiastic supporter, a dedicated promoter, or an educational leader, there is a place for you in our team. Together, we can make a lasting impact on the pet care world.