Active Line Magic Touch Grooming Spray 8.4oz

Active Line Magic Touch Grooming Spray 8.4oz

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Magic touch is a grooming solution that combine active ingredients with botanical extracts to help maintain healthy coat. Spray is perfect for detangle knots, make brushing easier, refresh coat, add moisture or remove hair spray. There is a plenty of way to use the spray! Find yours!
This brilliant spray can be used also as a leave-in conditioner for heavy maintenance coats.
Can be diluted with distilled or purified water to prepare light mist (dilution ratio up to 1:10). Perfect to use for smoothing, detangling, moisturizing and improving coat shine. It is 100% water-soluble.
Magic Touch Grooming Spray is perfect for all colors and coat types including short coats.
How to use: Shake well before use. Spray over the desired area of the coat before and during brushing. Perfect on knots and tangles. Can be used as leave-in conditioner. Perfect for wrapping.

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