Active Line Moisturizing & Protection Coat Mask  8.4 fl oz

Active Line Moisturizing & Protection Coat Mask 8.4 fl oz

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Intensive nourishing coat mask, rich in active ingredients, designed for demanding type of coat, damaged through styling agents. Provides coat strengths, shine and protection. Rebuilds the coat shaft, strengthens roots and provides a long-lasting glow and conditioning effect. The innovative formula provides a deep conditioning without the effect of overload.


Excellent for long haired dogs with difficult coat. It helps to removes tangles, mats and protects before creating new ones. Best result can be achieved together with Active Line Shampoo.


  1. Dilution: The mask can be diluted with water before application. The recommended dilution ratio varies based on the condition of the dog's coat. For normal conditions, you can dilute it from 1:5 (1 part mask to 5 parts water) up to 1:20 (1 part mask to 20 parts water). However, for severely damaged coats, you can use it undiluted (1:1) as a first aid remedy.

  2. Preparation: Before applying the mask, ensure that the dog's coat is thoroughly wet. You can give your dog a bath using a suitable dog shampoo like the "Active Line Shampoo" for the best results.

  3. Application: Apply the diluted or undiluted mask (depending on the coat's condition) evenly to the dog's coat. Make sure to cover the entire coat, paying extra attention to areas that are particularly damaged or prone to tangling and matting.

  4. Waiting time: Allow the mask to stay on the coat for 2-5 minutes. This waiting time will give the active ingredients in the mask enough time to work their magic and deeply condition the coat.

  5. Rinsing: After the waiting period, rinse the coat thoroughly with lukewarm water. Ensure that all the mask is washed out completely from the dog's fur.

Remember, the key benefits of this mask are to rebuild the coat shaft, strengthen the roots, provide a long-lasting glow, and condition the coat without causing an overload effect.

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