Pet Beauty Line  Fresh Me Up Shampo 1.35 gal

Pet Beauty Line Fresh Me Up Shampo 1.35 gal

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Active Charcoal | Deep Cleaning Agents | Odor Neutralizing | Concentrated formula 1:5 | pH Balanced

FREE of: Parabens  | Colorants  | Animal Origin Ingredients | Silicones | Petroleum  byproduct
Was specially formulated to clean and remove bad scents from your pet coat, making them even more huggable. Contain Active Charcoal agents which helps to get rid off all unpleasant scents without using harsh, artificial fragrances to mask odors. Great for De-shading!
How to use: Dilute product with water on 1:5 proportion. Spread evenly on wet coat and massage gently. Make sure you got product everywhere. Next rinse well with luck warm water. Use suitable conditioner. After that style as usual.

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