Pet Beauty Line Love Me Long Shampoo 1.35 gal

Pet Beauty Line Love Me Long Shampoo 1.35 gal

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Natural Cupuaçu and Shea Extract | Moisturizing complex | pH Balanced | Concentrated formula 1:5

FREE of:
Parabens  | Colorants | Animal Origin Ingredients | Silicones | Petroleum byproduct
Shampoo designed to clean, condition  and moisturize the coat. Enhanced with Cupuacu and Shea extracts provide a deep moisturizing both to the skin and  the coat. The formula was created to be suitable for pets with long or semi-long coat prone to tangles, knots and mats.
How to use: Dilute product with water on 1:5 proportion. Spread evenly on wet coat and massage gently. Make sure you got product everywhere. Next rinse well with luck warm water. Use suitable conditioner. After that style as usual.

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