Active Line

The Active line - innovative and high-end shampoo, coat masks and finishing products are specifically designed to meet the demanding coat types of doodles, poodles, and shiht-zus. These grooming products are formulated with active ingredients that provide exceptional detangling, demating and conditioning properties.

The shampoo is highly efficient, with a dilution ratio of up to 1:40, making it incredibly cost-effective and long-lasting. It create a rich lather, perfect for frothing, and leave the coat clean, soft, and  healthy looking. The active ingredients  used in the line are carefully chosen to nourish and strengthen the coat, promoting healthy growth and shine.

The coat masks are the perfect finishing touch to any grooming routine. They contain active ingredients that penetrate deeply into the coat to provide intense nourishment, hydration, and protection. These masks are specifically designed to detangle and delay matting, making them an essential grooming tool for long-haired breeds like doodles, poodles, shih-tzus and other breeds with high maintenance type of coats.

The selection of finishing products are the perfect way to add the final touch of shine and style to any groomed coat. They contain active ingredients that promote healthy growth and shine, while also providing protection against environmental stressors. These products are high-end, luxurious, and incredibly effective at enhancing the natural beauty of any coat.

Overall, these grooming products are the perfect choice for pet owners who demand the very best for their furry friends. They are designed to provide exceptional results, with a focus on high efficiency, innovative ingredients, and long-lasting effects.